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Testimonials for Stewart Marshall Lindh


Stewart Lindh’s dazzling academic pedigree combined with his skills as a poet, a playwright, screenwriter, essayist, and critic make him as close to the Renaissance ideal of the ‘universal man’ as anyone I’ve ever met.
— Jon Wagner, Director, MFA Writing Program, CalArts

I have not known anyone to be more generous with his or her time and expertise than Stewart Lindh.
— Dr. Richard Middleton-Kaplan, School of Arts and Sciences, Walla Walla Community College

Stewart, you amaze me at how deeply you got inside the soul of my character in transforming my memoir ‘Journey Inside an Electronic Bracelet’ into a screenplay.
— Dolores E. Cross Ph.D.

From the moment I sat down with Stewart, I knew that I had his full attention and that he would care about my writing as much as I did, as if it were his own.
— Sarah H. - Iowa Writer's Workshop

Stewart Lindh brilliantly adapted my memoir ‘Tales of an Unorthodox Veterinarian.
— Rabbi Gideon Sorokin