Stewart Marshall Lindh - A Writer for Writers


Successful Collaboration is the Result
of Reciprocally Realized Expectations

Types of Services

Concept to Completion

This process includes brainstorming, concept origination, structural and plot development, through to preparing a submission-ready screenplay or prose manuscript.

Prose Manuscript Evaluation

I offer comprehensive manuscript evaluation for fiction and non-fiction; and I provide specific evaluations at all stages of the process and am particularly interested in working with writers struggling to transform the language of self into the self of language.


I have been the catalyst for numerous completed memoirs, novels, and non-fiction works. Most ghost writers are more ghosts than writers. This ghost, however, has had his novels published, feature-screenplays produced; and poetry and prose appear in The Antioch Review, Poetry, Shenandoah, The Collagist, Paris Voices, along with book reviews and articles in the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle.

veterans' services

As a Marine Corps veteran who has led veterans' writing groups, I am particularly committed to helping veterans "get out" their stories. For veterans interested in seeing my published poetry, short form, novels and screenplays pertaining to my military experience, I would be delighted to provide them.

Screenplay Analysis, Adaptation and Reread

A credited feature screenplay writer and former CalArts writing instructor, I work at all levels of the screenplay process.

additional consulting

I also assist writers in honing a pitch, log-line, synopsis and query letter. I can trouble-shoot a completed manuscript or screenplay to detect "blind spots" the writer can't see but which queried editors and producers immediately spot. Additionally, I can organize and oversee a writer's entire query campaign.